"When the writing is on the wall, and your world has fallen apart, the very fabric of which once held your existance of being together, is now torn...  

...Then let the music save you, let it's sweet notes embrace you"

contact: mark@stereoskeleton.co.uk

Tracklisting: (All original material)

Songs To Throw Yourself Off Very High Buildings To

1) Love Like A Nuclear Bomb (Less Plutonic, More Plutonium)
2) We Are All Just Slaves To The Music
3) My Love (Oh My Love)
4) Bang Bang Shoot Em Up
5) Pledge Your Allegiance / She Will Win The Match
6) If My Heart Was An Inn, There Would Always Be Room For You
7) In The Aftermath (Of A Broken Heart)
8) Do I know Her? (She Is Oh So Visceral)
9) A Song For Your Daughter
10) An Ode To Poison Ivy
11) Haunted By Her Memory
12) Take Me High
13) Come In From The Cold (It's Christmas)
14) Building A Bridge
15) Pen To Paper
16) My Shadow Of Darkness

Songs For The Soul

1) Back Of The Animal (Front Of The Beast)
2) His Name Is Lucifer
3) Heart Of Stone
4) In My Opinion
5) You Mean Everything To Me
6) Dreams Come True (To See Your Smile)
7) (She's A) Dangerous Woman
8) Broken Promises
9) Fuckin' Sick
10) Pass The Time
11) See You In My Nightmare's
12) Falling Down
13) Love Is Good She Said / Love Is All That Matters
14) When I Looked Behind Her Eyes, I Saw A Juniper In Sunrise
15) The Hunger, The Anger, The Sorrow And The Silence
16) Taking Control

This Could Be The End Of Forever.. And The Start Of Something Beautiful

1) Painted Hearts Are Washed Away By Cruel Sea's
2) You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (not a cover version lol)

3) All The People Float Away
4) Pressure Bomb
5) Focus On The Positive
6) The Sun Is God (Let It Electrify Your Soul)
7) Caught In A Tussle With The Devil
8) I Hope I Get To Heaven, And I Hope I Meet You There

The Sound Of Disaffected Youth In Rebellion

1) You Shall Know My Velocity
2) Return To Sender
3) Sweet Angel Of Hades
4) Heaven Makes More Sense With You
5) In Before The Tears
6) Heart's Gone Atomic
7) When It's All Said And Done
8) Half The Mystery
9) I Gave Away All Of My Love To Help Her Get Back Through The Night
11) Untitled (CowBoy Song?)
12) Changing Direction
13)Untitled (Please Be Careful)
14) Untitled (Without You My Life Is Empty)
15) What Eva Said
16) The Good Life/The Last Night